Tips on Using Social Media for Career Building

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Tips on Using Social Media for Career Building

Social media is no longer something strange among young people, every day they never separated from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or the latest hype Tiktok. Social media is not just a platform for interaction and entertainment, you can get a lot of positive benefits such as business benefits, learning tools, developing potential and even maximizing career.

Through social media many unexpected opportunities come, including in terms of career. Well, so that your social media can be useful for your future career, do a few tips below!

Build a positive image

To be able to build a brilliant career through social media you must be a positive person. Upload photos or statuses that do not contain any racist and negative words. If you have an old upload containing it immediately delete it so it is far from bad ratings.

Get used to thinking again in expressing opinions on social media, especially if in a state of annoyance / anger, because it will actually harm your image in the future. Social media can be your portfolio before HR during the recruitment process, because it builds a positive image. Spread the things that are useful for many people at least for yourself.

Use names and original photos

Using your real name and photo as a profile on social media aims to make people more familiar with who you are. Use the same name for all your social media accounts, add email addresses and portfolio links so companies can see the potential and more easily contact you.

Upload your achievements / works

Use social media as an exhibition space for your work. If you have photography skills, you can upload photos you’ve taken. This can be a magnet for companies or clients who want to recruit / work with you.

By uploading achievements and works that have been made, you can also be an inspiration for others who see you on social media. This will certainly make you excited about creating other, cooler works.

Follow inspirational accounts

Today many social media accounts provide a variety of information and insights to learn. It will be very useful if you follow their account and learn from their works. You can also follow a number of figures in the business and professional careers who have lots of experience to increase your motivation and inspiration in developing your career.

Some communities and organizations that often discuss a variety of interesting topics and hold positive activities you can also follow to broaden your horizons and experiences.

Expand your network and actively interact

You can start by leaving a message in someone’s comment column to establish a connection. Just to appreciate the work / post that they upload can be the entrance to a broader relationship you know. On Facebook you can join groups and actively discuss, or look for job vacancies groups that provide a variety of lowker information. Remember, career opportunities can come from anywhere, including from social media, so build the widest connections!

Establish Your Online Brand

Who are you? What expertise do you have? What do you wish to be famous for achieving? Just how do you want to be recognized by colleagues, other professionals, and potential employers? The details you place on your social networks profiles will at some point offer you well to advertise your job progression – or, falling short to create an online existence in social media – not at all.

When a possible company or a potential staff member look for your name in Google or another online search engine, will the company or possible worker locate the credentials of a proficient specialist? Will they discover nothing in any way? Or worst, will they locate your unprofessional university profile, created for friends and family at Facebook, and also, oh my, look what good friends have actually composed on your wall surface! Nothing whatsoever and also amateur pages or profiles do nothing to enhance your career or your task search. A boosting variety of companies are browsing your online existence.

The internet world has opened interaction across globe boundaries. Why not utilize its social media components to increase your network, boost your occupation, add close friends, make connections, hire workers, find people with scarce abilities, develop prospect swimming pools of passive possible workers, and also expand your worldview? We’re participating. Why not you, as well?

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