What Recent Grads with No Job Experience Should Do Immediately

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What Recent Grads with No Job Experience Should Do Immediately

Work experience is always included in a CV and serves as a benchmark for the HRD team to assess the quality of prospective employees. However, what if the candidate has no work experience? Have not tasted experience in the world of work often experienced by fresh graduates. This makes it difficult for fresh graduates to get their first job and feel inferior when they want to apply for work.

In fact, this is not an obstacle to getting a dream job, you know! With a few tips, not having experience in the workforce is not a scary thing. What can fresh graduates do when they don’t have sufficient experience? Check out the discussion below!

Learn The Job Descriptions

There are many job descriptions of each type of work. Study each job description of the job you want to apply for. Because when a candidate is able to understand the job description and company needs, the candidate can make a cover letter and resume to convince the company to accept him as an employee.

For example, a company is looking for someone who can read and analyze Google Ads data. The fresh graduate who has studied the job description and is able to apply for the job. Although there is no experience in the same field, companies will consider the skills they need.

Take advantage of the Network

Use networking or friendship help to get the first job. Some old friends may work in certain companies and have information about potential openings. It would not hurt to contact them and ask for recommendations so that the company is ready to consider work proposals.

Recommendations from friends and lecturer during college are also very helpful for getting a job. So, don’t hesitate to ask friends and lecturers about job openings. However, be sure to ask politely.

Make a Promising CV

The CV contains brief data on the life history of a person in the last few years and became one of the first documents glimpsed by HR Team. If the CV is presented with an attractive and promising, the company will consider the possibility to join and occupy positions as employees. An interesting CV format can be a presentation or video. This also becomes a plus for candidates and shows that the candidate is a creative person!

Enter the Job Seekers Group

Sometimes, job opportunities are in unexpected places. One of them is the job search group. Being involved in a group of job seekers is quite important. Candidates who are still fresh graduates can gain knowledge and exchange ideas about the world of work. Within the job search group, sometimes there are recruiter who is hunting for candidates. If you’re lucky, you may be contacted by a recruiter to be asked for a CV and an interview as soon as possible!

Write down the organization or volunteers experience

During college students will usually join student organizations or volunteer, both in the interests of the course or in personal desires. Now, no matter how simple the organization or volunteer experience is, don’t hesitate to write it down! HR Team will still consider this experience as one of the most valuable experiences you have had. Organizational experience and volunteering help prove that you are good at working in teams and are tough at facing challenges faced by teams in achieving shared goals. So, even if you don’t have much work experience, you won’t be underestimated.

Take a Job Training

Job training will provide added value for fresh graduates who have never worked even once. Why is that? Because, by following job training, you will master new skills that you have never had before. Of course mastering new things will make it easier for you to find work and work in any company where you work. Job training is increasingly diverse with a variety of programs and methods offered, both offline and online. In fact there are many job training that does not charge a penny, you know!

Consider an Internship

Internships after graduation can be an alternative for finding work experience. You will feel the situation of the world of work, understand the work flow and understand how to communicate in the world of work through an internship program. Although not a permanent status, HR team will appreciate the effort to learn. Fresh graduates will have a good understanding of the ins and outs of the world of work which will add value to other first jobs. With an internship, the career path can be seen in one position. This can be an important consideration in the future in determining a career.

A few tips for fresh graduates with minimal work experience in finding a job. Remember, do not despair and always ask for support from those closest to you. Because in the end the support of the closest person is the most encouraging support in the midst of severe conditions in finding a job. Happy job hunting!

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