Fresh Graduates Tips : Companies Search for Candidates Who Have The Following Criteria

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Fresh Graduates Tips : Companies Search for Candidates Who Have The Following Criteria

Having a fresh graduate degree is a certainty for students currently living through their final semester of study. However, don’t be too proud of the title.

A fresh graduate degree is nothing compared to a double degree or master’s degree.

The lack of work experience of a fresh graduate is the reason why these graduates are considered a little to work in a company.

In order for fresh graduate candidates to pass the company selection, there are a number of criteria that must be possessed. What are they?

1. Know the Company Profile

Even though they have no work experience, the candidate can prove his intention to work through his expertise when explaining the profile of the intended company. Starting from the industrial sector of the company, the mechanism of work, and economic growth.

Simple things that candidates know about the company are a breath of fresh air for HR as evidence that the candidate is enthusiastic to work in the company concerned.

2. Excellent CV

The HR or selection team is very happy if the candidate has a quality CV. The contents of the CV are not only the name and educational status, but the experience of the organization during college.

The organization and activities that are followed during college prove that candidates are active and participate people on campus. People who are active in organizations are usually also more critical and able to become problem solvers that are needed when companies face big problems.

3. Easy to Adapt

Even though they will be new employees, it does not mean that candidates will be guided continuously in completing tasks. The company has a target that must be achieved so that it does not have time to continue teaching.

In order to contribute well, candidates must be able to adapt quickly. Starting from adapting to work, producers, coworkers, to superiors so that a unified whole can work together.

4. Easy Going

Candidates who are easy going are very well-liked by companies because this type is easily invited to work together. People who have these qualities are usually flexible, not rigid, and very easy to adapt to new things. This trait is very clearly seen during the job interview process. If the candidate has this trait, the opportunity to be hired is very large because only a handful of people are easy going in the world of work.

5. Able to Work in a Team

The next criterion is being able to work in a team. Completion of a task is much easier if completed with a work team. In a team, differences of opinion will definitely emerge. However, the candidate’s ability to unite a variety of opinions and then conclude them into one opinion, that’s what the company wants.

6. Good Academic Grades

Carrying the title of Cum Laude when he graduated became a very proud achievement. However, that is not what companies are looking for, but rather how capable candidates are in managing the work that is given to them.

Academic grades are only administrative requirements that must be fulfilled by a candidate when applying for work. Because only candidates who meet the administrative requirements can proceed to the next stage.

7. Broad Insight

Being diligent is not enough, but you also need to have broad insights. This insight concerns issues that often occur in life, both economic, political, cultural, and social issues that are related to company performance.

With broad insight, a candidate is considered capable of providing innovative ideas for the future progress of the company’s operations.

8. High Working Motivation

Motivation is encouragement when working. Highly motivated candidates are able to do the assigned tasks quickly and satisfactorily. And conversely, candidates who do not have working motivation will be lazy when working.

Work motivation usually arises from oneself. With clear targets and work goals, candidates are able to build motivation in themselves to achieve what they have set.

Have You Meet Company Criteria?

Every company has different standards and criteria. However, the eight criteria above are general criteria that companies want from fresh graduates. Have you fulfilled any of the criteria above?

If not, multiply the experience and prepare yourself as best as possible before taking the world of work so that the opportunity to work in a dream company is wide open.

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