Myths of the Working World Faced by Fresh Graduate

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Myths of the Working World Faced by Fresh Graduate

Consciously or not, of course, every employee has been in the phase of being a fresh graduate. Of course being in this phase is not easy for anyone, especially when looking for a permanent job.

Not infrequently we also hear many myths about fresh graduates when applying for a job that is quite stressful. What are these myths?

You Need to Know What Your Passion Really Is Since Graduating from College

If you don’t know what you want to be after graduating from college, just relax don’t panic because you’re not alone. Unless you go to college majoring in the specialist industry, you are not required to know exactly what you will do when you graduate.

So where do you start? Start by analyzing what your strengths are and from there you can find the most suitable profession and occupation. For example, is it more like working in teams or working individually? Do you prefer to appear in front of many people or choose to be behind the scenes only?

Also analyze what lessons you like most in college and if you have worked before, from both of these you can make a list of what you are good at and enjoy. By making this list, you can analyze your strengths and preferences so you can determine the type of profession that is suitable for your future.

Companies Prefer Experienced Employees

Competition in the working world that is quite tight sometimes makes a fresh graduate have to compete with experienced workers. So there is a myth that says that companies are more pleased with workers with experience.

This actually does not need to worry because fresh graduates basically still have their own ‘market’. Not all positions in a company need experienced workers.

Some companies sometimes prefer fresh graduate workers because they are considered to be more flexible and able to follow company culture. In addition, fresh graduates are considered more capable and accustomed to doing related to the latest technology.

So, for fresh graduates who are too discouraged in responding to this competition. Unless it is true that from the job advertisement provided a special experience is required for the position.

Excellent GPA, Easy Career

During their college years, the Grade Point Average (GPA) is certainly a proud indicator of learning. The myth is that if you have a high GPA then you will get an easier career later. Is it really like that?

If we look at the reality, the actual GPA does not always guarantee that fresh graduates get jobs faster. GPA is only one indicator for companies to accept you work. If your GPA is high but you don’t have the appropriate competence and character, surely companies will be reluctant to accept work.

Therefore it is better as long as you are still waiting for work, it never hurts to keep developing yourself. Try to take courses or training to keep your competencies developing. If it’s hard to take courses offline, there’s no harm in taking online learning courses like Udemy.

You will never get a job because it’s always rejected by the company

Job hunting is indeed a fierce and heavy competition. So, one way to win a job search is to think that finding a job is a job. Structure and stick to your goals per week – this will make it easier for you to manage your time to be more effective.

One other thing to remember is that getting a job requires a lot of time, so make sure you learn the flow of recruitment patterns for each job application you send. Learn where you made mistakes so that you failed to be called an interview, so that when you apply for another job you can avoid these mistakes.

Large salaries are always fun

This is indeed not a myth, but as fresh graduates we must realize that working is not merely a matter of salary. Salary is only one component so that we are motivated and can meet the needs of life.

At work, there are various other factors so that we can be happy and stay productive. Of course you don’t want to be highly paid, but every day there is drama you have to face in the office.

So, when you get an interview, make sure also the environmental conditions and work culture. If you feel unsuitable you should think carefully before joining despite high salaries.

Well, hopefully this discussion can provide even broader insights about the conditions of the work world that fresh graduates must face.

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