Receptionist Jobs Descriptions : Get to know the Duties and Responsibilities

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Receptionist: Get to know the Duties and Responsibilities

Receptionists are often found in the main lobby of a company and placed at the front desk. Unfortunately, the receptionist profession is often considered light because it looks relaxed and only stays in one place. In fact, to become a receptionist must go through several tests, requirements. the receptionist’s job is also quite interesting because it will face different challenges each day from a variety of people.

Suppose there is a guest who insists on meeting with the company even though the guest does not yet have a schedule to meet. In this case, the receptionist becomes the first person to receive the chatter and disappointment of the guest. This case is only a small part of the thing that must be faced by the receptionist. From this case, it can be imagined that the receptionist has responsibilities, requirements, and tasks that are no less important in a company.

What is Receptionist?

Receptionists are employees who have the task of greeting, serving, providing information to visitors, clients or stakeholders of a company related to the desired goals and information. A receptionist must be informative about all information provided to guests. It can be said that the receptionist is the first bridge between company management and guests.

Receptionist duties

Receptionists have the main tasks they must fulfill. The series of tasks is continuous every day. The following is the receptionist’s job every day:

  • Bridging information between company management and guests
  • Serve visiting company guests
  • Get ready and wait for guests at the company’s lobby desk
  • Record data of guests who visit every day
  • Determine strategies and attitudes when guests arrive to do unexpected things

Responsibilities of the Receptionist

Standing at the forefront makes the receptionist assume several responsibilities that are almost all related to others. Even though it looks simple, the responsibilities of a receptionist aren’t as easy as it seems! The responsibilities of a receptionist are:

  • Receive phone calls and connect to related sections
  • Provide information by telephone if someone asks about a company’s product or service
  • Welcoming guests who come and provide information and references related to the visit
  • Arrange a meeting between guests and company
  • Receive and examine information of guests who come to visit
  • Listen to guest complaints
  • Manage administrative records relating to incoming and outgoing guests
  • Receive and forward incoming letters to the intended party

Requirements to be a Receptionist

With a series of important responsibilities assumed by a receptionist, then becoming a receptionist must pass several requirements first. Requirements to be a receptionist include:


A receptionist does the same work from morning to evening. Boredom can whack suddenly. Boredom can make a shrewd receptionist at work. Therefore, a receptionist must remain persistent and diligent throughout the shift that he lived.

Friendly and Smile Easily

Almost every day the receptionist meets various people from various backgrounds. The best service in the form of friendly attitude and sincere smile must be given to everyone, even if that person is an external party of the company. Friendly attitude and smile also reflect the company’s image. If a receptionist is friendly and smiling, it helps build a good image for the company.

Mastering Foreign Languages

Sometimes some companies are in the middle of an environment consisting of expatriates or foreigners. Mastering a foreign language is a powerful method for receptionists to provide their best services to all people from various countries. The foreign language that is generally used is English. However, it is also possible that the company also requires the receptionist to master other foreign languages ​​depending on the client who often faces the company. Career stages of the receptionist were even more brilliant by mastering foreign languages.

Good personality

A receptionist must have a good and pleasant personality and always be ready to help guests when needed, be a good listener, and happy to meet other people.

Spry and Responsive

In this case the receptionist is required to be able to make decisions quickly and precisely in dealing with the situation. Including how to deal with emergency conditions, forcing clients, and certain unexpected parties.


An informative receptionist must be able to explain or explain something in a simple, efficient and friendly manner, so that guests quickly understand the information needed. Thus, guest relations and company management can be well established at an early stage.

Able to work together

Receptionists are required to have good cooperation with superiors, coworkers, subordinates and other parties to work smoothly. For this the receptionist must have a sense of mutual assistance and respect, not only at work but also outside the workplace.


Carefulness is very important considering that the receptionist is the person who handles information in and out of incoming guests. So he is required to always be careful in checking information in and out of people who come.

Appear attractive

Because meeting with many people, the receptionist is demanded to appear attractive. The receptionist’s appearance must always be clean, neat, and well-maintained. A good appearance makes visiting guests or clients feel more comfortable when interacting with the receptionist. In addition to appearance, the reception desk must be neat and neat and well organized.

Still think that being a receptionist is easy? Or are you even motivated to become a receptionist? Hopefully this information is useful for all of us and can be a lesson for treating receptionists better when visiting a company.

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