Enrich Your Insights and Skills with Internship

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Enrich Your Insights and Skills with Internship

Internship has become a popular trend among college and high school students, especially those who will soon graduate. In undergoing internship, a student will undergo a variety of things that they have never lived in college. How can internship change the quality of a student?

Understanding Internship

Internship is a work training process that is usually done by a college or high school student in a particular company or institution in the context of education and learning. All student activities are supervised and directed by the company or agency with strict supervision from experienced people. Aside from being a place for education and training, internships are also often chosen by students as a means to hone work skills and seek additional income.

Internship Duration

Generally internship is undertaken by students who have not yet graduated. However, it is not uncommon for some students who have graduated to decide on internship as an early stage of their career when they have not felt experienced enough in the workforce. The duration of the internship itself is quite diverse. There are companies that ask for 2 months and usually a maximum of 6 months. This time must be adjusted back to the student’s school schedule so that it does not conflict with the main obligation, which is college.

Internship Function

Internship is not merely a place for students to look for additional income or develop their abilities. As for some functions of internship for students they are not aware of, they bring significant benefits. The internship function for students is:

  • The training event before entering the world of work
  • Real implementation of the theory obtained during college
  • Improve the quality of student hard skills

Benefits of Internship for College Students

When undergoing internship, there are many benefits that students will receive. These benefits make students who are or will be running an internship period have become more enthusiastic.

1. Increasing new acquaintances or work relationships

At work, relationships and relationships are very valuable. Fostering new acquaintances from newly discovered people is like a very important treasure. Work relations are formed with a variety of people who are professionals in a particular field, which more or less helps to realize the ideals or dreams of students. Often a person’s internship status next time changes to become a permanent worker when they have just finished completing an internship study. This applies when internship students get a positive rating during the internship process.

2. Sharpen communication skills

Communicating and adjusting attitudes is another important thing in the world of work. Moreover, the environment of different companies demands a rapid adaptation process. Provision of all that is a skill in communication. Through the learning process that has been passed during internship will hone students’ communication skills unnoticed. Students will have communication skills and improve quality with a better understanding of the status of culture and ethics in the workplace.

3. Carefully manage the time you have

The pattern of life that will be undertaken by students when internship will certainly change. Inevitably, internal students will adjust to the requirements of the schedule set by the company in which they are subject to study. Despite their internal status, students are required to undergo strict company procedures and regulations. Tight work scheduling ultimately makes students wiser in managing time.

4. The place of practice of all knowledge

Internship is used as a forum to apply and prove the knowledge that has been obtained, whether studying in a formal or informal place. The ability to apply the knowledge that has been obtained is truly wide open. In other words, internship is a phase where students can begin to learn about things that are practical and not only on theoretical things.

5. Additional allowance

Not all companies provide additional allowance or allowance as a wage to undergo internship. However, the nominal received if the company provides additional allowance is very good and can cover the cost of transportation or lunch.

6. Help find passion and dream jobs

Internship helps students recognize more clearly the career potential that we want to live in the future. Students increasingly realize what truly becomes passion and talent from within. So when students really compete in the world of work, then they know they are starting to go in the direction that is expected with certainty.

7. Opening job opportunities in the company

Companies or institutions that carry out internship programs usually carry out internal assessments. This is included in their records and there are usually companies that employ internal students. Therefore, a student must show the best performance with internship.

Student Tips for Internship

1. Be Enthusiastic

Show enthusiasm and work motivation and interest to play an active role in every internship activity. Students who undergo internship with enthusiasm tend to have positive values and have competitiveness in the organization as a whole.

If a student wants to be employed as a full-time employee after the internship ends, show the quality of the enthusiastic worker during the student’s short time and must make a positive impact on student co-workers.

2. Build Professional Communication

Communicating with colleagues and maintaining communication is the key to starting a successful career. Throughout a student career, a professional network will help students learn about new opportunities and offer ways to advance in fields of interest to students.

3. Diligently Asking Questions

Take advantage of student status and ask questions about everything students don’t understand. Employers will believe that students who ask questions are motivated and really want to learn everything they can about the industry.

As an internship student who is just getting started, the company understands that not all students know everything about the company’s work or industry. Internship is a very effective learning experience. The more questions students ask, the more students will learn about the work and how the industry operates.

4. Be nice and polite

Be nice and polite to everyone. This can be started with small talk. As much as possible stay away from gossip or negative topics that bring down others. When a student becomes a good and polite person, the easier it is to be liked and get recommendations from superiors or permanent employees.

5. Record All Important Points

Many important things can be learned during internship. In order not to forget, students should note important points obtained during internship. These important points are useful things to learn and be a reference for later when applying or doing real work.

In the end, the internship process became an unforgettable moment for students. Internship experience offers a variety of unforgettable experiences before going further and deeper into the real work world. students learn about different types of leadership characters, what it’s like to be an employee with colleagues, as well as how an ideal community atmosphere is, even though ideal conditions are often entirely subjective judgment.

In order not to choose the wrong company to undergo internship, students must choose companies selectively and thoroughly. Do not let while undergoing internship, it turns out that they are not in accordance with student expectations. Don’t forget to design a CV as attractive as possible so that HRD is interested in recruiting as an internal employee.

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