Why Freelancing is Good for Your Career

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Why Freelancing is Good for Your Career

Job opportunities are getting wider, and will continue to be so as technology develops. Technology has opened many opportunities, such as remote working, becoming an online transportation partner, to an online shop business that we can live in, even if we have a permanent job. Technology has positively changed work trends in the future.

Do not hesitate if you want to try the opportunity for freelance work, the important thing is you can set the time so as not to interfere with your main job or study. Especially in the midst of a pandemic that is predicted to be completed in late June, you can consider freelance to be the main job if you experience layoffs or laid off by the company. In addition to supplementing side income – for those of you who already have a job, there are some interesting reasons that freelance work is good for your career later.

1. Not limited to one profession

Maybe you were a little busy before, confused about trying something new, or it was uncomfortable to do it. If you want to develop skills or new things without sacrificing time for your main job, you can start by trying freelancers whose work risks are relatively safe compared to full-time office work. Who knows if your freelance work results are good, there are better career opportunities.

2. Your passion can make money

You have a hidden passion or talent that you want to explore, but are too busy because the main work is time-consuming. Maybe you like hobbies and good at making cakes, good at graphic design, or hobby of making crafts, and you want to sell it to a segmented market. With various social media platforms or other media on the internet, you can sell your work there for a relatively small fee, even you can say it’s free. If there is talent or understanding of digital marketing, it is not impossible that your work will be more widely known and sold well. For those of you who have been laid off, this is not a matter of passion anymore, but it can be your main job to keep earning in the middle of this pandemic.

3. Being a side business? Why not?

Previously it has been explained that online business does not require a large fee, so the risk of business failure becomes small, and that can be utilized to develop your side business becomes larger. Instead of renting a shop or shop that spends a lot of money, plus having to buy another inventory, you can create a simple website for your business, then promote the website and ask for feedback so that the appearance or features of the web can be maximized.

4. Train your entrepreneurial creativity and spirit

Our main job, you could say is the main source of income to survive. But that does not mean we do not have the opportunity to earn extra income outside of our main job. The internet is a gateway to a world without limits. In addition to honing our entrepreneurial skills or souls through freelance or crafting something to sell, we have added selling points in the eyes of the company and also our careers. The achievements we have done – regardless of success or failure – will strengthen your CV and convince recruiters.

Future work trends will be entirely digital based. Moreover, many companies have started implementing Work from Home policies, which may change this trend even more. Start-up companies will continue to grow and transform with the needs of consumers. It is not uncommon for full-time office employees to have side jobs – such as freelancers – outside working hours, or to take care of their respective online shops.

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