Public Speaking Techniques that Employees Can Learn

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Public Speaking Techniques that Employees Can Learn

Good public speaking techniques are believed to help improve one’s career. If you look closely, in a company, those who succeed in occupying the highest position are those who have the ability of public speaking techniques.

In fact, world-class successful people also have public speaking techniques as an accomplished speaker. Just call it Oprah Winfrey, whose show rating continues to increase thanks to her ability to host a talk-show for more than 20 years. Barrack Obama, has the ability in speeches that is extraordinary to succeed in becoming president in 2009 in the United States.

That is why, public speaking techniques are very important for an employee, if he wants to continue to develop and plan to improve his career path in the company where he works. Want to know, what public speaking techniques can be learned by an employee and what are the benefits for them? Let’s look at the full review, below.

Benefits of Having Good Public Speaking Skills for Employees

Why do you need to learn to develop public speaking techniques? Because there are so many positive benefits that you will get by developing this technique, including:

1. Helps Increase Confidence

By definition, public speaking is a technique of speaking in front of people to encourage and influence others to do something, both in attitude and in action, so that only employees who have confidence can do this.

According to contributor Nick Morgan, 80% of people are afraid of public speaking. As a result, there are still many companies that do not use public speaking techniques in marketing their products or services. This is an opportunity which is then used by several companies to use public speaking techniques in their marketing plans.

However, that does not mean you who do not have the confidence can not learn this technique. Instead, this is an opportunity for you to learn to instill your confidence. Because basically, confidence is not only useful for public speaking techniques, but also for other activities that are certainly useful for you.

2. Can Make Others Happy Until Influenced to Listen to You

When you have learned the techniques of public speaking and cultivate your confidence, then right away, you will be easier and more comfortable when speaking in front of people. The bonus, what you say is even easier to listen to, even able to influence others.

Furthermore, you will be more free to use other vocabulary that is more varied so that you will not run out of topics or material to talk about. In fact, you will be a very pleasant coworker to discuss on work issues, and other employees will be more comfortable when hanging out and making friends with you.

3. Improving Self Quality

Did you know that public speaking techniques are also very useful and influential for your profession? Yes, some professions are highly dependent on this ability such as lawyers, motivators, business consultants, teachers, lecturers, sales marketing, and many more.

Interestingly, the public speaking technique that you are used to convey verbally will also be easy to convey via writing. So you can become a good influencer in the world of social media to influence other people towards a better direction, of course.

Now, if you can apply your public speaking skills well in the office, you will have more opportunities to lobby or meet with clients from companies that might lead you to a higher promotion than your position

4. Makes You Think More Critically

What is meant by the ability to think more critically is the ability of the brain more quickly and precisely when looking for ways to solve a problem in the work you are facing.

This process occurs naturally because when you learn public speaking techniques, you are required to speak to attract the attention of others, how to convey words straightforwardly, precisely, but still attract attention and even influence others to act and act according to your wishes .

5. Enhance the Ability to Lead Other Employees

Usually, an employee who is often asked to speak in front of people is a person who has more ability compared to other employees. And, only employees who have more advantages and are able to influence other employees who are suitable and deserve to be a leader.

The duty of a leader is to convey the task to his subordinates, give brief and clear instructions to them, and make subordinates believe in his abilities. That is why, public speaking techniques are also very important for a leader to have.

Public Speaking Techniques

Now, after knowing how important public speaking techniques are for an employee to learn, it’s good you now also need to know, actually, what are the public speaking techniques that an employee needs to learn? Here’s the full review:

1. Get to know your audience

An audience in a line of work does not always mean a crowd. It could be that your audience is only one person, namely prospective clients in your company who are in doubt, between buying products or services from your company or not. Therefore, it’s good you know who your audience is.

Knowing the audience here does not mean you have to get to know his personality more deeply, but, at least you know, what is his educational background, position, and in the company where they work. Some of this information will really help you to make it easier to make presentation material according to their wishes.

2. Believe in Your Self Ability!

Everything will feel easier, when you believe in your own abilities. Convince yourself that you are worthy, that you are the most appropriate person to deliver a presentation in your office, both in front of your prospective clients and your boss.

Furthermore, this belief will automatically foster and increase your confidence so that your company has more opportunities to get projects from clients.

3. Pay Attention to the Volume and Intonation of Your Voice When Speaking

This third point is also important. Your volume and intonation when speaking will greatly affect your audience. You can record your own voice when practicing speaking. Regarding the activity during the voice recording exercise, you are delivering a business presentation in front of your prospective clients and superiors.

From here, you will know, whether the volume and intonation of your voice is appropriate and able to attract their attention or not. If you are still unsure, you can ask for advice and input from close friends at work to give their opinions, whether there is something that needs to be improved from your speaking style or not.

4. Prepare the opening sentence that attracts the attention of the audience

In any activity, first impressions are always a very important part. Moreover, when you will present a project in front of your client. Both prospective clients and your boss will pay close attention to what you say at the beginning of your presentation.

Well, this is your chance to attract their attention. Make an interesting and seductive opening, so that they are interested in further listening to the presentation material that you are delivering.

5. Expertise on the Topics that You Discuss

To be able to provide value to your audience, you must truly become an expert on the topic that you will be presenting. Expertise on the topic of this presentation will later help you in solving problems faced by your audience to get the best results they want.

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