5 Tips for a Successful Virtual Job Interview

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5 Tips for a Successful Virtual Job Interview

As long as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there will be more and more of us undergoing virtual job interviews via Zoom and other video applications, such as Google Meet and Skype. Although it is less than ideal, this method may be found more often, along with the increasing number of companies that are trying to make efficiency in the process of finding new employees.

So, it helps us start preparing ourselves for this job interview well. Moreover, according to the Marie Claire English report, a study showed that more than 25 percent of job interviewers decided to accept new workers, only five minutes after the interview began. So, we need to prepare a strategy so that the job interview can be successful, in the midst of competition that might exist.

Kayla Vatalaro, global head of talent from the California work management platform, Asana, specifically suggested that we be proactive and truly show our intentions in the interview. Because, this time, we cannot rely on things like gestures or non-verbal signs from job interviewers.

“It is important (for us) to show self-awareness and empathy, while learning to be a partner for job interviewers and show good communication skills in virtual job interviews,” said Kayla.

In addition, there are some other tips from Kayla that you can also follow. The following is a complete review, as reported by Marie Claire England.

1. Prepare the quality of your video well

One of the most important things in a virtual job interview is good quality video and visuals. This is so that you can make a good first impression in the eyes of the job interviewer.

Not only ensure that your internet connection is smooth, you are advised to tidy up the items in the room, also choose a location with a neat background or at least neutral. Make sure your webcam is in an eye-level position and you have good lighting, so that your image quality looks optimal.

To make the process run more smoothly, on the day of the job interview, make sure there is nothing that can disturb you in the room, including pets or family members. This is so the interviewer can focus on you and not the things around you.

2. Try to do a job interview simulation

To be more ready to do a virtual interview, there’s nothing wrong if you try to do a simulation first. For example, by asking for help from your family or friends. Not just to check the quality of images and audio, this way can also help you find out, such as what impression you will give in a virtual conversation. In this way, you are expected to become more accustomed to communicating via a video connection.

3. Dress up professionally

Although it should have become common knowledge, sometimes there are those who forget to do this. When doing a virtual job interview, make sure you use formal clothes and makeup, like when you do a job interview in person. Avoid wearing formal clothes only on the upper body, especially if you may have to move throughout the interview.

In particular, we are also advised to avoid clothes that might look unsightly. For example, which has too bright colors or patterns that are too crowded. Try to choose colors, materials, and motifs that are as simple as possible. To be more sure, you can ask first about the dress code or how to dress received by the company before starting the interview.

4. Become a good partner for job interviewers

Next, we are advised to become partners and ‘facilitate’ the recruiter’s work during the job interview process. Try to follow the process honestly and efficiently, including by answering questions as they are, giving quick responses, and submitting documents on time. Then, try to understand or feel less disturbed if the company needs time to process your application, because so many applications have come in.

5. Demonstrate good communication skills

Doing a virtual job interview will indeed be quite challenging, because you can’t be in the same room as the interviewer. You cannot pay attention to the whole gesture of the job interviewer and vice versa, so there will be things that cannot be conveyed as smoothly as usual.

At times like this, it helps if you can demonstrate good communication skills, as well as being empathetic throughout the interview. For example, by nodding your head to show that you understand what they are saying and to illustrate that you have finished speaking.

Beyond that, you can also try to proactively ask questions, especially if there are still things to ask about the interview. Don’t hesitate to be yourself and show your best qualities during the interview.

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