Expertise that An Administrative Staff Must Have

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Expertise that An Administrative Staff Must Have

Administrative staff is a profession that is commonly needed by companies with the task of organizing and ensuring administrative or administrative activities of the company run well and smoothly. More specifically an admin is closely related to the activities of correspondence, recording, compiling and entering data, bookkeeping, organizing the agenda and other things that are technical in nature to support the achievement of organizational goals. So the administrative staff is actually easy and difficult, you are demanded to like accuracy, detail and neatness.

Because the need for administrative staff is very high, career opportunities in this field are very promising. Many job vacancies for administrative positions are needed by companies. But, before deciding to apply for a job in this position, you need to know what are the skills that must be possessed by an administrative staff.

Understanding the functions of Office Applications

The task of an administrative staff is to organize and enter company data, for that you must master at least the basic Microsoft Office. In addition you also have to be up to date with technological developments to balance skills with the technology available now, so you are already familiar with current software and tools.

Good communication skills

As an administrative staff in your office you will interact with many people, both from the employee level to the boss. To coordinate with many people requires good and effective communication skills so that work is clearer and more focused. Besides that, it is also possible that you will be dealing with clients to ensure the company’s agenda.

Writing ability

Another skill that you need to master is writing, you will have a lot to deal with in correspondence and note taking. That requires good writing skills. You can learn this skill by reading, multiplying vocabulary references so that the message you convey can be read and understood properly.

Good time management

This expertise is actually also a must-have for anyone, managing your time well will improve work efficiency. Being an admin staff requires high accuracy and discipline in managing time because often companies need data in a short time. Therefore you must arrange a priority scale to determine which work must be completed first.

Planning Skills

Another important administrative skill is being able to plan and schedule things in advance. This might mean managing someone’s appointments, creating a plan for when employees are sick, or developing office procedural systems. An administrator needs to be able to plan ahead and prepare for any potential office issues.

Pay attention to details and accuracy

The administrative staff is very much a perfectionist in terms of data neatness, since just a little mistake will be fatal. For example, you are a financial administrative staff who is given the task of inputting operational expenses, one figure that escapes accuracy will have a big impact on the company’s financial condition. Especially if done repeatedly, of course this will threaten your position as an employee. Do not let inaccuracy make you lose your job huh!

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are important for any administrative position. Administrators are often the go-to person that staff and clients seek out for help with questions or problems. They must be able to hear a variety of problems and solve them using critical thinking.

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