Duties and Skills Required by Professional Customer Service

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Duties and Skills Required by Professional Customer Service

Customer service is the spearhead for companies to deal directly with consumers. Everyday customer service will serve a variety of telephone calls from consumers. Unfortunately, the position of customer service is often underestimated and not considered so important. To further appreciate the position of customer service, let’s refer to the review of customer service below!

Understanding Customer Service

Simply put, customer service is someone who receives and serves consumer complaints and questions. You could say customer service is the bridge of the company as a provider of products or services with consumers who use the product or service. Generally, customer service is available through telephone and social media services. The position of customer service is at the forefront in dealing with consumers. Therefore, customer service has an important role for the level of customer satisfaction in using the company’s products or services.

The Role of Customer Service in the Company

Although already doing quality control. often companies make some mistakes and mistakes in the production of products or services that make consumers feel disappointed. Consumers who are disappointed because they do not get a product or service according to the expectations or value they have given to the company have the possibility to switch to other competitors who are superior.

In order to avoid this, the company provides customer service as a place for consumers to express complaints about products or services and get the best solutions from complaints that they do. Complaints of consumers who feel disappointed sometimes high-pitched while cursing to customer service. However, customer service will continue to serve consumer complaints patiently and ready to provide the best solution for these complaints.

Prospective customers who want to use a product or service will also usually contact customer service to get as complete information as possible regarding the company’s products or services. No matter how fast and strange how consumers ask about products or services, they will be well served by customer service.

If customer service serves customers and potential customers well, then consumers will last a long time to the company and potential customers will choose to use consumer products or services compared to other competitors. Judging from this description, the level of customer satisfaction is also influenced by customer service. On the basis of it can be concluded if the role of customer service cannot be underestimated by the company and parties outside the company itself.

Customer Service Duties

The duty of a customer service every day is always the same but different levels of pressure differ depending on consumers who submit complaints or questions. Therefore, a customer service must be able to undergo a series of similar tasks each day even if bored. The description of the customer service assignment is:

  • Receive and serve complaints and questions via telephone, email, letter or social media
  • Overcome product or service problems by classifying consumer complaints or complaints through the best solution
  • Recommend potential products or services to consumers based on complaints and questions from consumers
  • Prepare product or service reports by collecting and analyzing customer information
  • Provide accurate, valid and complete information about products and services using the right method or tool
  • Build an ongoing relationship of trust through open and interactive communication

Mandatory Customer Service Skills

Because receiving various kinds of complaints and questions and the type of work that is uniform every day, customer service must have some skills required for the creation of high quality service from customer service. What are the mandatory skills that must be possessed by customer service?

Questions and raving from consumers will be addressed to customer service from various types of consumers. One of the customer service responds to consumer complaints and questions, it actually makes consumers become annoyed. Must be mentally resistant and have full patience to become a customer service, here! Serve and respond patiently to consumers how emotional or fussy consumers are.

Thorough and diligent

A customer service will receive various kinds of consumer information for further action regarding the complaints given. Well, all the information will be collected and customer service must cross check the relevant data. Do not let a customer service make input errors or check customer data.

Able to Detect Consumer Conditions

Consumers and customer services that are connected to each other by telephone are unable to see each other’s reactions. This is a small thing but must be considered more by customer service. Customer service must be able to understand the condition of the consumers they are facing through the tone of speech and complaints that come. High sensitivity of customer service about consumer conditions can be used as a reference customer service to provide alternatives or other solutions to the company’s products and services.

A good listener

Good customer service is someone who is able to listen to all the talk from consumers, both praise and disappointment. Cutting the conversation is not commendable and makes consumers disappointed. So, wait until the consumer has finished speaking, after which the customer service responds to the consumer conversation.

Fast response

Consumers demand quick responses to get solutions or explanations about the questions they ask. When consumers are required to wait, consumers will be quite upset so that the level of customer satisfaction with company services decreases. So, a customer service must be fast and fast response when receiving calls from consumers.


Customer service is required to speak straightforwardly and clearly so that it is easily understood by consumers. Communicative explanation makes every question and complaint more directed and does not occur misunderstanding. The sense of comfort of consumers in submitting complaints or questions will also be increasingly awakened with communicative explanations.

Guarantee Consumer Confidentiality

Consumers will provide some confidential data to the customer service to verify whether it is true that the consumer has used a product or service from the company or not. Examples of confidential consumer data are; telephone number, home address, e-mail, and consumer id. As a professional customer service, the confidentiality of customer data during conversations between consumers and customer service becomes a responsibility that must be kept confidential.

Mastering Company Product Knowledge

The main purpose of consumers contacting customer service is to get further explanation and solutions to their complaints while using the company’s products or services. Then, it becomes an obligation for customer service to explain the product or service concerned and offer the best solution based on the company’s product knowledge.

It can be concluded that customer service is required to regulate emotions and responses and master the atmosphere when dealing with consumers in any situation. Not to mention when the company makes 24-hour service that will be served by customer service according to their respective work shifts. Isn’t it easy not to be a customer service? Thus, let us appreciate customer service more from any company starting today!

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