12 Skills That Will Make You a Valuable Asset for Any Company

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12 Skills That Will Make You a Valuable Asset for Any Company

It’s easy to ignore skills because they are considered general and non-technical, but the more skills you have, the more flexible you will be and be able to handle different challenges and problems at work.

Expertise and skills are very important because they can help you stand out more than other candidates by writing them correctly on your resume. Here are 12 skills that will make you a valuable asset for any company.

Ability to organize

The planned and organized way of working is a great asset for any company, because it can ensure efficiency in managing daily tasks, which makes project work on time and higher quality work performance. Examples of organizing skills include:

1. Time management

Being able to work fast while producing quality work is what the company wants. In today’s fast-paced work environment, time management is a valuable ability that candidates need to have.

2. Planning

The ability to make effective planning will ensure that you do not overlook details or important tasks, while keeping the project on schedule by managing buffer times for operational problems and possible delays.

3. Attention to detail

Do you take the time to double check your work before it is submitted? Do you focus on accuracy and accuracy in your tasks? Mistakes tend to have ripple effects and can have a big impact on the company, so having this ability makes you very desirable by the company.

4. Financial management

Making sure the project stays within the budget is one of the main challenges for each team or company. Initiatives are needed to find quality goods at competitive prices or to find creative ways to reduce costs if needed.

5. Creative problem solving

Life is full of problems, and no different from work. We spend most of our time at work trying to find solutions to problems. The more creative you are with your solution, the more added value you will give to the team.

Communication skills

Strong communication skills are very important in the workplace, both in administrative roles, office technology experts, or heads of departments.

6. Writing

Being able to use language in a way that is understandable and keeps others engaged through writing can bring you more advanced and broad in your career. From making reports, to creating campaigns to promote company products, your writing talent will make you a major asset in whatever industry you are applying for.

7. Listening

Too often we make our own conclusions rather than focusing on what other people say. Good listening skills don’t involve assumptions, but are more patient and listen to others – an important ability to have at each stage of your career.

8. Speaking

Speaking skills include abilities in presentation, negotiation and conflict resolution. In addition to being a good speaker, you must also have confidence and a calm attitude regardless of the pressures that may exist at the time.

Social skills

Not everyone has good social skills, but strong interpersonal skills are very helpful at work, especially if you work in a large organization.

9. Teamwork

Being a good team player means building good relationships with your team members, helping and collaborating, while showing genuine interest in their lives.

10. Empathy

Attention to coworkers and superiors helps you connect with them and build meaningful relationships at work.

11. Leadership

An effective leader has a natural talent to inspire those around him to believe in a shared vision, and motivate them to work together towards a common goal.

12. Diplomacy

Knowing when and where to say and do the right thing shows concern and sensitivity to the feelings and state of mind of others. Diplomacy is a useful skill to have, especially when dealing with complex situations.

Don’t underestimate the non-technical skills you get from your daily life and work, no matter how general those skills seem. Being able to recognize these skills and the value they add to productivity and work performance will give you additional confidence and assurance in your abilities.

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