Common Job Interview Questionnaire for Fresh Graduates

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Common Job Interview Questionnaire for Fresh Graduates

The first job interview for fresh graduates will be thrilling. This work selection stage is like a life test. Although we have learned how to deal with the interviewer, practice how to answer it, and gather confidence, but we never know the questions that will really come out.

Meanwhile, the interviewer has prepared a list of specific questions tailored for fresh graduate candidates. Here are the lattices.

Questions About Campus

The interviewer already holds a CV and knows the place of study and the field of science known. But, they will try to dig deeper about your reasons for choosing campus to major. For questions about campus choice, the interviewer wants to know how you make wise big decisions in life. While on departmental questions, you should be able to show that the knowledge and skills learned on campus are work related.

In addition, the interviewer might also ask other questions about the lecture life. For example, questions related to leadership experiences on campus, opinions about group work at school, to extracurricular activities that were followed. Based on these questions, the interviewer can get a picture of soft skills from fresh graduates who do not have work experience.

Questions about Work Experience

Most fresh graduates have no actual work experience. But, at the very least, you have taken part in an apprenticeship program or a real work college to meet graduation requirements. Or, there are some people who have experience as teaching assistants on campus. So when it comes to questions about work experience, you can remember, and tell about the time.

The interviewer will dig deeper about that experience. They will ask about achievements during the internship period, problems encountered during work, to how someone learns from their mistakes.

Personal Questions

Almost all interviewers will ask general questions like, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” At this point, they try to personally explore the prospective employees who apply for the company. This kind of question applies to fresh graduates or experienced job applicants. However, a creative interviewer will add questions like this to fresh graduates: “How are you in the eyes of friends and supervisors?”

Furthermore, the interviewer will also ask about things that motivate you, to how to deal with pressure. In the closing part of the theme of personal questions, the interviewer will also provoke you with the question, “Why should we hire you?” To respond to this question, you must focus on strengths, personal strengths, and honesty.

Questions about the Future

The question of the future will be expressed with the sentence, “What do you see in yourself in the next five (or ten) years?” This question is quite difficult for some people, especially fresh graduates. The reason is that some prospective employees who have just graduated cannot yet imagine further career paths and the challenges and obstacles that they face. Up to this point, he only thought about getting a job as soon as possible, or even the first job as a stepping stone.

From the interviewer’s point of view, this question can imply how long the candidate can stay in the company. In the end it can be considered for employing someone. So you have to be careful when answering. The trick is, you have to do research about career paths up to the company’s goals, then adjust the answers accordingly.

Questions about Jobs and Companies

Obviously, this question must be answered with sound knowledge. As a fresh graduate, you need to do in-depth research about the company, so you can answer questions like, “What do you know about this company?” If you are understood to understand about the company and how the business works, then the interviewer can also develop into the question, “What contribution can you make for the progress of the company?”

In addition, you will also be asked about work-related matters, such as, “Are you willing if you are often asked to travel (related to work)?” In addition, the interviewer will also find out more about the person, and try to assess the compatibility between the candidate and the company’s work culture.

By capitalizing on the questionnaire above, you can prepare for a job interview more mature. This will make you more confident facing the interviewer.

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