Getting to Know About Freelancing : Flexible Work Without Having to Work in an Office

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Getting to Know About Freelancing : Flexible Work Without Having to Work in an Office

Before the entry of millennials into the realm of labor, the general picture of work was sitting in the office, facing the computer, coming at 9 am and returning at 5 pm. But in today’s millennial era, work practices are increasingly diverse. You must be familiar with one of them, freelance. Freelance is a type of work practice that is not bound by a contract / official bond with the company. Freelance work demands are usually only in the form of projects that must be completed in a shorter time.

People who work freelancers are called freelancers. Freelancers must be able to become their own boss. They are free to set the time and place of work according to needs as long as the agreed project can be completed in accordance with the time given.

There are two types of freelancers you need to know, full-time freelancers and part-time freelancers. A full-time freelancer is someone who works and earns a main income from freelance work. While part-time freelancers is someone who makes freelance work as a side to get additional income.

Examples of freelancing work

Freelance work is usually done online / remotely depending on the type of work and the agreement with the client. Freelance work is very diverse, mainly related to the field of technology and digital. Here are some jobs that are the realm of freelancers.

  • Copywriter
  • Content writer
  • Private tutor
  • Graphic design
  • Translator
  • Consultant
  • IT (website developer, app developer, programmer, full stack developer, web maintenance etc.)
  • Photographers and videographers

The advantage of being a freelancer

For those of you who are interested in this type of work, there are so many benefits you can get by becoming a freelancer. Here are some of the benefits.

Work according to passion

Who doesn’t want to work according to their interests and expertise? If you choose freelance work, you can focus on doing the work you basically like. That way work becomes more vibrant and doesn’t give up easily.

Work flexibility

Flexibility is one of the main reasons why many young people choose to peddle their abilities in the freelance world. So the freelancers don’t have to go home to work, wear formal clothes and work freely wherever they need.

Broader relations

If you already have a pretty high flying hour as a freelancer, your connection will increase. You will get to know a lot of professionals in various companies who have worked together. If you can maintain relationships well, you have a high reputation in the eyes of the company, this will facilitate your career path in the future.


The income of a freelancer is indeed fluctuating or changing, it can be big, it can also be small depending on the availability of the project and our desire to take on a project. But if you can successfully master yourself and be more expert in your field with high flying hours, this type of work can be a promising source of income for the future.

Career and personal life balance

The freedom of a freelancer makes them have control over their own time. You can determine your own vacation time to just gather with family or travel. Of course this will not be obtained if working in an office.

Tips on becoming a freelancer

Be specific in one area of ​​expertise

As a freelancer you must be able to sell expertise to prospective clients. Portfolios with interesting work and experience become a magnet for companies to choose you on a project. For that you must find and develop a specific field of expertise according to your talent interests. The company will look at your specialty before deciding to work together.

Starting from being a permanent worker

Try starting your freelance career by becoming a part-time freelancer. If you are currently a permanent employee in the company, don’t be rash about taking steps to resign to become a full-time freelancer. You need to adapt to new habits and the workings of freelancers. Being your own boss can be disastrous if in reality you can’t yet independently control your work properly.

Build credibility

Credibility is related to company trust. If you have decided to go into the world of freelance, you must build credibility. Because it works independently without carrying a company name, you have to go the extra mile to build client trust. You can build credibility through your work, responsibilities and communication.

Continue to learn and develop skills

As a freelancer you want to keep learning and developing skills. Don’t be easily satisfied with what you are good at right now. Keep up with developments in information and knowledge to get greater freelance career opportunities. Moreover, competition in the realm of freelance is very tight, you must be able to excel to be the best.

Find the right freelance platform

Because the communication between freelancers and companies is done indirectly, there must be a concern that the company runs away from the responsibility to pay. This won’t happen if you choose the right freelance site. The right and trusted choice to develop your career in the freelance world is in the latest features of TopKarir which is TopKarir Freelance. In addition to freelance, volunteer vacancies are also available for you who want to contribute positively to society and the environment while honing work and organizational skills.

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