Note it! This is the Best and Worst Time to Apply for a Job

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Note it! This is the Best and Worst Time to Apply for a Job

Applying for work requires a precise strategy so as not to become unemployed. One important factor in this strategy is to consider the best time for the application to be considered by recruiters.

Undoubtedly, if you are presently out of work, then NOW is the most effective time to look. But there are specific times of the year and points in your career where it makes sense to look for a job to raise your job search success rate. And while it can be argued there is never a hard time to find for a job, especially if you are out of work, there are specific times of the year that are less productive than others.

Yep, if you don’t know, there are the best and worst times to apply for work. This time depends on when the company starts its budget. To be clearer, lets try to see below

January, February and March

January, February and March are good times to apply for work to companies whose budgets begin in January, and end in December.
Because, this is the time when the annual budget is determined. On the other hand, if there are vacant positions, the company will look for new employees after the holiday season ends.

April, May and June

These months are the best time to apply for work to companies whose budgets are closed in March. Not a few companies will give bonuses to their employees close to closing the budget.
Usually, old employees will resign after getting a bonus. As a result, vacant positions appear and are ready to be filled by new employees.

July, August and September

Mid-year is actually not right to apply for work. Because promotions are usually seen in these months. Therefore, it is unlikely for old employees to resign from the company.
On the other hand, many people believe this period is not good enough to apply for work. So, the competition to get a job is not too big.

October, November and December

This period is also not appropriate to apply for work. Because, towards the end of the year, the focus is on the holidays, Christmas, and new year’s celebrations. It’s good, to prepare an application and portfolio, to apply for work in the following month.

While summer and the end of the year tend to be slower times to look for a job, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. There is never a bad time to look, especially if you are out of work. These times simply tend to have fewer opportunities and hiring is not a top priority for companies.

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