Public Relation Description : Duties, Skills and More

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Public Relation Description : Skills and More

Public Relations is a profession that acts as a communication bridge for various parties. No wonder that public relations must understand the concept of communication properly, so they can develop communication strategies and be ready to execute every communication program as well as possible. A PR person is also demanded to be competent in building reciprocal relationships with stakeholders so that personal, organizational, or corporate goals can be achieved.

Because identity is a reflection of the public relations profession, someone who is involved in this field must be able to build a positive image. So everything that is inherent in him and his actions must be based on the hope that positive things will happen. In addition to being skilled in communication, public relations must also have media relations skills and be able to negotiate. Are you interested in pursuing the world of public relations?

To become a public relations specialist there are no educational requirements, but it is better for you to take undergraduate education with related majors, such as public relations, marketing, journalism, communication, and advertising because your chances will be greater in the eyes of recruiters. Recruiters / employers also want potential employees so that if you have work experience or have an internship will be your added value.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Presenting the company’s image to the public.
  • Carry out a series of activities to shape and enrich the identity and image of the company in the eyes of stakeholders.
  • Share information relating to products, contents of an activity, etc. with the aim of deepening the understanding of outside parties such as companies, governments, or community associations.
  • Identifying problems that arise in connection with communication activities carried out by the company by focusing on the discussion of the level of consumer awareness, attitudes and perceptions of consumers towards the company’s products.

Knowledge and Skills

Good communication skills
Of course, as a PR, you must be able to convey messages properly according to company goals, both verbal and non verbal. PR acts as a mediator who communicates company policies and expectations to the public.

Writing ability
A PR also has a job in writing. Public relations must be able to manage information into a message that is easy to understand. PR is usually assigned to make press releases (press releases) to be distributed to various media. So for those of you who are interested in being a homework keep writing skills and multiply your vocabulary by reading yes.

Conflict management
Every company is at risk of facing conflicts, both internal and external. For this reason, a PR is required to be able to make decisions and find solutions to all problems in order to maintain the company’s image. Of course this is not an easy thing, considering PR must regulate its emotions well when dealing with various issues that concern the good name of the company.

Research ability
Public relations must also be able to conduct research to design communication that is right on target, beneficial to society while benefiting the company. In addition, the research also aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the activities carried out by the company.

Understanding of social media
In the current digital era, communication is made easier with the presence of social media, in addition to its wider distribution. The company’s image is also reflected in activities on social media. You must think creatively and determine a positive publication strategy.

Career Path

In general, a career in public relations (PR) can start with staff, while the highest position that can be occupied is a senior PR manager. Here is the career path of a PR:

  • PR staff
  • Senior PR staff
  • PR Officer
  • Assistant PR Manager
  • PR Manager
  • Senior PR Manager

Facts about Public Relations Career

One of the reasons why public relations (PR) is widely targeted by people is their promising income, it is also appropriate that public relations practitioners are required to have creativity so that they can create ideas, solutions, as well as communication nets with clients and the media.

A career as a PR, at least you have two choices of institutions as a place of shade, agency and corporation. What distinguishes public relations in agencies and corporations is the scope of the client, creative space and work environment.

The average level of job satisfaction of PR staff is 3.59 / 5. It turns out that feeling satisfied with careers and jobs is based on the certainty of benefits and old age benefits, as well as the level of competition for seats in the place of work.

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