General Affairs Jobs Descriptions : Duties and Functions of General Affairs

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General Affairs Jobs Descriptions : Duties and Functions of General Affairs

General Affair is a position that is under the leadership of the General Division or Head of Operations, commonly called GA. For companies with a simple organizational structure, GA is usually combined with HR, sometimes even the purchasing or purchasing department.

General Affair duties

General Affairs has the task of supporting the company’s operations through the procurement of needed goods and services. In doing its work, GA coordinates a lot with other departments to find out their needs and to plan a budget for the procurement of goods or services and their maintenance costs.

Procurement of all equipment and work requirements including – but not limited to – office stationery, desks, chairs, laptops, computers, air conditioners, accessories or room decoration, etc. This task also includes facilities and other supporting resources such as operational vehicles, office boys, cleaning services, security guards, telephone operators, and other outsourcing services.

Good collaboration with related departments is needed to speed up the procurement process that suits the needs of users so that they get products with accurate and quality specifications and do not exceed the specified budget.

General Affair function

For more comprehensive procurement and maintenance, the General Affairs will assess the conditions and facilities needed and make priorities before submitting a budget. For example, is the need to repair toilet facilities more important than the renewal of meeting rooms, training or lobby company reception? Is canteen needed, and who manages it? GA should prioritize things that will increase employee productivity first, but this certainly depends on many factors, for example for companies that often receive customer visits, of course, it’s better to have a more representative lobby, waiting room or meeting.

Treatments that are the responsibility of the GA include office buildings (cleanliness, outward appearance), office environment (secure parking, adequate office and / or warehouse areas), cleanliness of the work environment for employees (work space, meeting rooms, lobby and all areas company), maintenance of electrical installations (mechanical and electrical).

Another important aspect of the task of a General Affair is to foster good relations with suppliers of goods or services. This includes making work contracts, ensuring timely payments, and making complaints on behalf of the company if necessary. This relationship indirectly impacts on employee performance and productivity.

GA also functions in creating, developing, and implementing work systems or procedures for procurement and maintenance of existing facilities. For example, making checklists and toilet cleaning schedules, making summaries of how to maintain generators, cars, motorbikes and other valuable equipment. Standard work usually makes the procedure to re-procure office needs that are often used, such as pens, paper, staplers, and other stationery supplies.

As a department that actively serves internal company, GA also conducts service satisfaction surveys aimed at all employees or work units in order to improve the quality of products or services, accuracy and speed of services provided.

Another important function is to prepare periodic reports for the purposes of budget meetings, financial reports on assets and office expenses so that the company can assess the effectiveness of this internal investment.

General Affairs can also assist in the management of all forms of licensing needed by the company, and establish relationships with external parties such as local governments, police, public officials, mass organizations, journalists, villages, districts, and so on.

Understanding Job Description for Each Division

Seeing the scope and workload of General Affairs which is quite broad and can be a lot of time, developing companies should separate GA and HR duties and functions.

It is important for employees and company management to know the duties or Job Description of each division. For that, we need a system that can facilitate management in the tasks of each division. One way is to use the Indonesian HR Application and Payroll. You can identify the company and its devices, can manage your employee HR and Payroll data, and various other benefits.

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