The Importance of Building Networking for Fresh Graduates

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The Importance of Building Networking for Fresh Graduates

Nowadays, job searching has become a lot like dating. You can not expect to find your dream guy or girl by sitting at home awaiting somebody to call. You need to put on your own around in the social atmosphere, both in fact and basically.

A recent survey specified that 60% of employers’ ideal prospects are found with referrals. It also revealed that 73% of recruiters have actually employed a candidate through social media sites. And 93% of recruiters evaluate a prospect’s social profile prior to choosing.

In the working world, building professional networking is an important thing. This of course is related to reputation and work demands that require quite extensive relations.

That’s why it’s so important to maintain social and professional connections. You never know when or from where you’re next professional setup will happen.

Then why do fresh graduates also have to start building networking too?

Starting from College

Building networking is actually not necessary when entering the workforce. You can start to look for connections since you reached college.

This connection can be sought by following various activities that can be done while still in college. For example, by following Student activities units or also the Association activities.

Another way that can be used is to attend workshops or volunteering activities which are usually widely open to students.

How to build a good network?

To build networking is indeed not easy, especially for fresh graduates. However, you also do not need to rush in creating this networking because everyone’s career path must be different.

For the first step to build networking is to determine the purpose of creating networking itself. If from the start you only intend to style it, but can use it well it will be useless.

Make networking goals that you will make clearly for example to become a mentor, do special activities and so on. After that you can look for people who you think fit that purpose. Open as wide as possible the networking doors that you make because the more the better.

But still stick to the original goal earlier so that the networking that you create does not have a good deviation. Before you try to approach a certain person, realize how you behave toward that person. Our attitude with networking at one level with the higher or lower levels must be different.

This treatment can later determine the extent of the networking we create will be valuable. Indeed, we cannot expect everyone to be good and to accept us as we are. At least if you do good and polite, you have gotten a pretty good assessment from that person.

Utilizing Networking in Career

Utilizing networking in a career can not be arbitrarily. Because it involves the problems and needs of others that can not be avoided.

But this will be easy when you and your network have the same goals. Look for people who have the same job or pleasure for something. Create a smaller group of networks that you have and start to express ideas that you have.

The whole process was certainly not easy and needed a lot of confidence. No need to be the biggest must have a large professional network with a short time. Start slowly and storied but make sure you do it early in your career so that the network you create lasts longer.

Well, have you started to imagine making professional networking in the future?

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