Job Vacancies That Are Suitable For Fresh Graduates

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Job Vacancies That Are Suitable For Fresh Graduates

As we know, fresh graduates are usually very difficult to get a job because of experience. But don’t be discouraged because there are some jobs that fresh graduates can do without a lot of experience.

What vacancies are suitable for fresh graduates? Here are some vacancies that you can apply for!

Insurance agent

Most insurance job vacancies do not require fresh graduates to have high work experience. The main capital of this work is to build strong relationships and the ability to explain the product to prospective policy buyers.

It is rather difficult, but the commission given for this position is actually very attractive and can sometimes be greater than the monthly salary received.

Online writer

Nowadays, to become a writer is very easy because there are many platforms that use the concept of user generated content. Through this concept, users can be paid based on how many views of articles written.

This will certainly be very helpful for fresh graduates who already have a hobby of writing to earn income.

Customer Service

There are quite a lot of Customer Service vacancies available at large companies in the world. This position is much needed and does not require too much technical experience.

Even so you must have good communication skills and knowledge of good products. Because Customer Service will usually deal with consumers who have difficulty or trouble with the products they use.


Sales position is also a position that is needed by many companies. Being a salesman is arguably tricky because the target is high and must work in the field.

But with various commissions that can be obtained by a sales person, it seems that the difficulty is very appropriate. Well, to be a good sales person you must know the products you sell and maintain relationships with clients.


Working in administration is indeed a favorite choice for fresh graduates because the requirements are sometimes easier than in other positions.

This profession is sometimes considered easy to do, even though being an administrator is quite difficult also if you are not thorough. Administration deals with various departments and business lines, so if you are not careful the company data can be exchanged or even lost! Surely you do not want that to happen right?


Teaching positions included many obstacles (an area of rowdy kids, demanding parents, rigorous coverage requirements enforced by institution districts), however they can likewise be incredibly gratifying. As even more public as well as independent schools reassess their technique to education, implement brand-new technologies, and also adapt classrooms to prepare pupils for the ever-changing world, young graduates are positioned to make an actual distinction.


It’s not nearly pocket guards! Accounting is a dynamic field, and specialists can really choose their very own path throughout all industries. Yes, 3 out of the four top auditing companies (namely EY, PWC, and also Deloitte) are amongst the leading five companies hiring one of the most new graduates, however you don’t need to limit yourself to simply investigate and also tax obligation.

Money is the heart of any kind of company. Comprehending the monetary backbone of an enterprise will certainly set you up for a life time of specialist success. A bachelor’s degree in company, accountancy, or financing suffices to get you begun in a lot of team bookkeeping placements. If you are intending to obtain a CPA license (and make the greater pay that comes with that well-recognized certification), then you may require a master’s degree or its comparable.

Account Executive

An account executive is a type of a sales duty, although it frequently places a higher focus on taking care of existing client relationships in contrast to bringing in new customers. An account executive’s work is to stabilize the needs and wants of each client versus real-world constraints enforced by contract terms, source schedule, and practical requirements of the firm. If you like dealing with people as well as resolving fascinating challenges, and also if you are naturally oriented on client service, an account executive placement might be a great fit for you.

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