How To Guide : From Internship to Full-Time Employee

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For students, the internship moment has become part of the graduation requirements. They are competing to get companies that have a great opportunity to be appointed as employees. During your internship, you will get to know the habits and life of the world of work professionally before you jump right in after graduation.

When you have gotten or started an internship at a company, this is the time to show your best abilities. Until finally you have the opportunity to be asked by the company to work there after completing your education. Indeed, to change the status of an intern to become an employee is not easy.

You must realize that the internship is not just learning, but you have entered at which stage of working as a professional. For those of you who want to change from an apprenticeship status to an employee in your current internship, you can apply the following.

Arrive on time

Not only applies to employees, but for those of you who are interns are also required to arrive on time. Try to arrive at least 30 minutes before work hours begin. With you arriving early, will make a good impression in the eyes of your boss and even HRD. Arriving on time is also a manifestation of a disciplined person, appreciating time and is a sign of your seriousness to study and work professionally.

Neat dressing

If during college you have the appearance as it is, ripped pants, wearing T-shirts, flip-flops and seem messy. So, when you have an internship, change the appearance to be more presentable. Neatly dressed does not mean you have to dress branded and expensive, but dress like clothes to work. Because, the first impression at work is important whether you are a professional figure or not.


Being an active person and showing your enthusiasm at work can be an added value that can benefit you. Here, you show that you have an interest in the work you are given. You also do not just wait to be told, but you must take the initiative to ask if you have trouble. Accept and do whatever assignments are given to you, never complaining as long as the assignments are continuous with what you learn on campus. Because here your position is learning the world of professionalism, so there is no harm in doing what you have never done before.

Maintain good relations with superiors

Having a good relationship with your boss can provide a great opportunity for you to change your status from an intern to an employee. Because, your boss directly can assess and know the performance during the internship and become a supervisor in the office.

Connect with your coworkers

In addition to having a good relationship with your boss, you also have to establish relationships and communication with your coworkers during your internship. Being a person who is friendly and fun can add insight and matters regarding work professionalism. If you already have a good relationship with a colleague, don’t let you not be able to control yourself. Keep in mind that you are here in a position of studying and working. So, you are required to be professional and not to damage the reputation.

Be Productive on Both Unpaid and Paid Internships

While being efficient at work is influenced by several factors such as wage, as a trainee you ought to not peg your performance on pay. Instead, offer your finest whether you are being paid or otherwise. You never know; that teaching fellowship could be your stepping stone to a permanent job with a wage and other employment benefits.

Ask If It’s Feasible to Turn the Internship to Full-time Work

Being that your goal is to obtain a long-term job deal, it will do you excellent ask the hiring manager if there any available placements you can fill up upon conclusion of your internship. Nevertheless, ensure you find out just how to request for full-time setting after teaching fellowship without coming off as too pushy or desperate.

Express Sincere Gratefulness at the End of Internship

Do not ignore your internship without ever claiming a thanks to the people that aided you via it. By doing so, you are most definitely showing that you do not want to engage with the company additionally. It is, therefore, worthy to follow up with a handwritten note to share your gratefulness if you like safeguarding an irreversible task with the business.

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