Four Job Vacancies That Are Always Wanted by Companies

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Four Job Vacancies That Are Always Wanted by Companies

For the company to run its business well, of course, requires qualified workers in various positions. Unfortunately, not all types of jobs or professions are needed by the company because it depends on operational needs and also the type of business that the company is involved in.

However, if you are observant, you can find some of these jobs that are always needed by any company with a sizable amount. What are the professions needed by the company? Check the list here.

Sales Department

The sales department is the backbone of the company to get revenue. Without sales, of course it will be very difficult for companies to sell their products or services.

Therefore, this position can certainly be found in any company ranging from large or small scale. The good news for this position is usually accepting from various college majors.

As long as you are sociable and happy to meet many people, it’s not difficult to become a salesperson.

A Salesperson, additionally called a Sales Agent or Sales representative, sells product and services to organizations or consumers. They describe exactly how an item works or what solutions are readily available, provide sales products such as pamphlets or handouts, produce sales leads and follow up with new consumers. Salespersons can operate in a wide variety of sectors, such as car, pharmaceutical, retail, insurance policy or financial solutions, among others.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Data, employment for those in sales is expected to increase by 5 percent over the 2014-2024 decade. This figure will certainly differ depending upon the area in which the Salesperson functions; for instance, the growth price for those selling insurance will see a 9 percent boost, production as well as wholesale sales representatives will experience a 7 percent increase and marketing Salespersons are most likely to see a 3 percent decline in job opportunity.

Accounting and Finance

The accounting department plays a big enough role to manage the company’s finances. So this position is pretty much needed by the company so that its financial condition can remain healthy.

In large companies, the accounting department has various sub-sections such as the tax department, finance collector, finance controller and so on. Therefore, to fill this position the company usually requires applicants to have Brevet A and B training certificates. The aim is to understand the various financial and tax transaction processes that are owned by the company.

Usually companies recruit graduates in accounting, economics, administration and management for this major. If you are a person who likes to dwell on numbers and also finance, it would be suitable to work in this section.

HR & Operations

The HR Department section functions to take care of various tasks related to staffing. Starting from salaries, recruitment, training and various other needs related to the needs of workers.

In addition, it is not uncommon for HR to also double as a general part of work environment facilities and infrastructure ranging from stationery, work space to IT. So no wonder this part is certainly needed by the company so that business operations are running smoothly.

Graduates needed for this section generally come from law, management and psychology graduates. But not a few also graduates from other fields who can become an HR practitioner.

Administration section

Job vacancies in the administration section are usually one of the jobs that are much sought after by applicants. Indeed this is reasonable because this position is pretty much needed by the company and is considered easy by applicants.

Though this work actually requires a lot of skills related to documents and data. In addition, this work also requires very high accuracy.

To fill this position the company usually does not need a certain educational background. So, to work in this field you don’t need to worry about the educational background you have.

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