Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills at Work

Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills at Work

Communication is the most important aspect in society, in conducting communication both in the surrounding environment or work environment communication is very helpful for someone as a social creature to establish a relationship with someone or with a group of people. Good communication skills will make you get better results for achieving a goal of your success.

Not only in community life is the importance of communication also needed in the world of work. A collaboration will be established well with communication, so that you understand how to communicate well, here are some examples of ways to improve communication skills in an effective workplace:

Focus on what you have to say

In conveying information to other employees and clients must be able to convey information that will be given clearly, then you must think to arrange the words to be conveyed to other employees or clients that will be easily understood later, than you focus on thinking about what what should be said should focus on what other people want to hear. This method is more effective to convey your true intentions.

Practice for Public Speaking

Many employees do not want to speak in public, if you have a live chat without intermediaries such as e-mail, you will certainly be able to know the facial expressions or body language of the person you’re talking to. Therefore, it is important to have a direct chat as one of the most effective forms of communication to avoid misunderstanding or misunderstanding from each party. You must have the confidence to speak in public so as not to hinder your career going forward.

Give Feedback Correctly

To motivate someone to provide feedback correctly and properly, it will make someone at your workplace more motivated. Giving positive feedback is an effective way to acknowledge them for what is right. However, when the positive feedback you give is incorrect, then give negative feedback in the right way with words that do not offend other employees in your workplace.

You can ask for help from co-workers of other employees to remind you if the behavior that you do is not in accordance with the standard operating procedure (SOP) of the company that has been given, so you will avoid doing behavior that is not in accordance with your words.

Improve Written Communication

Submitting written information to others in your workplace or your client must write complete, concise, and accurate information. So that readers will be able to easily understand what you say even if only using writing. For example when you will write e-mails to other people and clients in your workplace, e-mails that contain things that are carelessly will take the time of the reader. Writing better e-mail content will make other people or readers in your workplace understand better and less time to repeat the discussion on the phone.

Receive criticism

With a background of fellow colleagues who are different, you must be able to understand the character of each person. Therefore, be open if someone gives constructive criticism or opinion from your fellow colleagues in the place where you work. Do not get carried away with feelings or emotions if you do not like your fellow coworkers criticism, make it a constructive thing to become a better person.

Expand your relations

Your success can also depend on how you are able to make many relationships in many places. Don’t avoid office politics, in fact there are many things you can learn there. Meeting a broad and successful relationship means that you are able to communicate effectively with your colleagues and superiors, with the breadth of relationships will help you utilize your communication skills to be better and have an impact on your success.

A communication in the workplace will be effective if you apply some of the things above, and will make the relationships between colleagues become positive which can then increase your work productivity.

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