Effective Tips for Finding a Job for Fresh Graduate

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Effective Tips for Finding a Job for Fresh Graduate

Welcome to the real world, namely the career world. It is time for you to apply what you have learned for about 4 years in college.

Looking for a job is not trivial. You must be diligent to run it because many rivals have also just graduated. Your status with them is the same, namely fresh graduates who don’t have any experience in the world of work. Therefore, you must act more than them, like more aggressively to find work.

Who doesn’t want to work right after graduating? Here are tips on finding jobs for fresh graduates.

1. Know Your Potential

Studying for 4 years also does not necessarily make people automatically know their true desires and abilities. Therefore, find out what is your passion and real expertise alias hidden talent. How happy if a hobby can be used as a money-producing field.

Of course, the job does not have to be really related to your subject first. The step you have to do is write down any potential you have. Do not immediately assess that the potential is very low quality. Write it all down first, then choose which is appropriate for the job. After that, choose the skill that provides the most salary.

2. Create the proper CV

Before applying for a job, first identify the job you are applying for. If you apply for the creative part, of course you have to make it with the most creative design possible. Well, this creative CV would be better adjusted to the type of job you are applying for.

Make sure that the CV explains in detail who you are and what you have done. In addition, try to provide attachments that are appropriate to your work. This is intended to add value to your sale.

3. Use an appropriate E-mail Address

E-mail address is very important for you to pay attention. Do not let you apply for work through e-mail addresses that are not your alias e-mail loans. Or even worse, using the childish e-mail address.

No doubt, today there are still people who overestimate e-mail addresses. Even though the company can also evaluate the e-mail address that you use. Make an e-mail address that matches your name.

4. Selective is OK, but don’t get to picky

You are free to choose where you want to work and are free to determine what jobs you want to get. However, don’t close yourself to opportunities that may be greater than what you choose.

Apply for a number of jobs from several companies. You can make another alternative to your backup when the company being targeted rejects you. It is also intended to save time waiting to receive calls from related companies.

5. Take advantage of Job Seekers Applications

Currently, you can not only find work offline, but you can also use several websites or applications to help you find work. The official website and application will also provide information on what criteria are being sought by the company, so you can easily adjust them to the company.

You can also provide your e-mail so that you can be notified when a new job opens a vacancy for a fresh graduate.

6. Take advantage of Your Contacts

After graduation, try to get close to your relatives who are now working. This is so that he feels comfortable talking with you, of course, about his work. That way, you can ask him if there are job openings that are being opened at the company where he works. Don’t forget to recognize the right time to ask. Do not let you urge him to answer when he is busy with his work.

7. Make Yourself Wanted by Companies

Improve your abilities, especially if you are now waiting for an interview call from the company. Prepare yourself well in making a job application letter so that your potential is easily glimpsed by the company. Don’t be reluctant to find out how to make creative cover letters, and make yourself looked at by the company. Good luck!

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